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Waverley Is Home – The latest on Hope City Church's move to Waverley

Hope City is planning to build a brand new multi-use facility at Waverley serving community and enterprise.

A Brief History
and Context

Hope City Church has never been known for standing still.  We’re always doing something ambitious, new and creative and our plans for Waverley follow suit.  The plan to see a purpose-built new home for Hope City Church created at Waverley has been a dream for some years.  Over the past two years this dream has started to take shape and plans come together.

Hope City Church has been located at the Megacentre on Bernard Road in Sheffield since 1998.  The church bought the building and has invested throughout this period in not only developing the building but in creating new enterprises run from the Megacentre designed to create both social and economic impact. Over the last two decades the church has succeeded where many have not;  through a model where charitable activity can be delivered sustainably by adopting an enterprising approach.

As well as housing the church, The Megacentre has over the years been home to many initiatives including a day nursery, adult and community education, conferencing and venue hire, emergency food relief, children’s play centre and community café. The Megacentre has also been the headquarters and main hub for City Hearts UK.  City Hearts is an initiative of Hope City Church formed over 10 years ago and which now works to support the lives of hundreds of vulnerable adults and children across the UK and beyond including many survivors of modern-day slavery.

About Hope City Church

Hope City Church was formed in 1991 by Australian couple Dave and Jenny Gilpin.  The church now has congregations across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia and a congregation of over 3000 people.  It is affiliated with C3 Global, a network of churches across the world led by Pastors Phil and Chris Pringle from Sydney, Australia.   For more information about the history and background of Hope City Church click here.

Why Waverley?

Hope City Church has continued to grow in numbers both within Sheffield and in other locations across the UK and further afield.  Church services regularly attract in excess of 700 people every week in Sheffield along with over 3000 calling themselves members across the globe.  The rate and nature of growth has fuelled the vision and the need to relocate.

Waverley represents the ideal location for the new church building. It is located near to the M1 and M18 and yet only 5 miles from Sheffield City Centre.  Everything about Waverley resonates with the Hope City culture, ethos and vision.  Waverley is an emerging and exciting local community.  It is a place for enterprise and yet it is also a place that many call home.  It is a place of positivity, expansion and opportunity.

It is no surprise then that Hope City has been so attracted by the idea of building or their new home at Waverley.

What’s the plan?

Our big idea is to create a brand-new facility at Waverley, building on the experience of the last 20 years of enterprising activities which have been established at the Megacentre.  We don’t want to build a building which is just used on Sundays and mid-week for church.  We want a new home which is inclusive, warm and inviting.  We want a building which welcomes people from all walks of life each day of the week; which brings people together and helps create a strong and vibrant.

Our plan is to see this vision realised by 2020 and we are well on the way to seeing this fulfilled. So, what will this mean in practice?  Well, we’ve explained a little about the Megacentre and what we’ve built there.

Our plan is to take this vision to a whole new level at Waverley.  With a larger and purpose-built facility, we will be able to do more of the things which we have done in the last 20 years, resulting in greater public benefit.  Things like childcare, education, training, conferencing, events, and social action will form the main stay of our activities.  Through these and other projects we aim to provide a home not only for the church, but for residents and business people.  It will be a place where people can relax, learn, grow and thrive.

Despite what many might think of the church today, we are big fans of people!  Our mission centres around seeing the potential realised in people.  We want to use our new building to enable just that.  Our desire to see people live lives which are spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically healthy is what drives us.  We don’t think anyone should miss out on their best life.  We don’t have all of the answers but we do have a real vision enable people to be the best they can be.

The Building

In summary though the building will be 66,000 ft2 build on up to three floors.  It will house a 90 place full time day nursery, meeting rooms, office space, café, education and training facilities.  It will also be the head office for our charitable work and the church.

We’re not limiting the community use of the building. We are open to involvement and input from our stakeholders including the business community and Waverley residents.  We’re creating multi-use space to allow for opportunity, engagement and creativity.

So if you want to a part of the story, have creative ideas or want to simply offer your ideas then we would love to hear from you.

The Numbers

66,000 ft2

This is the planned size of the building to be built by Hope City at Waverley. The building is up to three floors in height. Over 450 car parking spaces are proposed as part of the scheme.


The seating capacity of the main auditorium. To be used as an incredible conference and event space for the Sheffield City Region and beyond. Creating a space for regional, national and international events in the heart of the UK.


According to our current programme plan the building will be completing during 2020 financial year.


This is the number of full time equivalent childcare places that will be available in the purpose built Ofsted registered early years facility. The nursery will serve people living and worked in and around Waverley.

Have Any Questions or Queries?

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